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The following are the norms for participation in eCMI:
  • Don’t worry about completing all the questions. If you’re completing every question, we haven’t written the problem sets correctly. Some problems are actually unsolved. Participants in these courses have settled at least one unsolved problem.

  • Don’t worry about getting to a certain problem number. Some participants have been known to spend the entire session working on one problem (and perhaps a few of its extensions or consequences). Getting the correct answer to a question is not a be-all and end-all in this course.

  • Respect everyone’s views. Remember that you have something to learn from everyone else. Remember that everyone works at a different pace.

  • Teach only if you have to. You may feel tempted to teach others in your group. Fight it! We don’t mean you should ignore people, but don’t step on someone else’s aha moment. Problems should lead to appropriate mathematics rather than requiring it. The same goes for technology.

  • Check in every 15 minutes. We give each group a safe space to type whatever they want every 15 minutes. It can be something you’ve noticed, something you’re wondering about, something you’re sure is wrong. But type something in your group’s feedback area every 15 minutes, and take at least one picture every 15 minutes.

  • Look for instructor cues, and cue your instructor. We’ll make it clear when we want to have a full-group interaction. If you need our attention . . . wave! Or type a message. But waving is funnier.

  • Prepare to be volume-controlled. In order to work directly with specific groups, at times we will turn down your group’s microphone. You may also want to turn down your speakers to reduce crosstalk. Please do not mute your speakers, as this will make it more difficult to reach you.